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The Book & Project


Lilian Weisberger's children’s book "The Magical Children of Light" tells a heartwarming story of courage that awakens a sense of wonder and optimism, as a young girl and boy from opposite sides of a wall inspire their parents to rediscover compassion and hope. The book prompted an award-winning peace initiative between Palestinian and Israeli schools in which children used the arts to build magical relationships that transcended differences in culture, language, and religion. 

The summit of this original project was a bilingual musical play based on the book, which transformed beliefs and sowed seeds of peace among 1,000 children and 3,000 parents, teachers, religious leaders, and politicians.

From The Book:

Available for pre-order soon!

"Each of you can remind the-lost-children-in-grown-up-bodies - your parents, your grandparents and your uncles – the way back into their heart, the path leading to love, and the path to what is really important. We are all human-beings; our hearts are the same. We all want to live, to grow up, to become parents and grand-parents, to love and be loved.
Hug the grown-ups. Show them your love. Remind them that they need not fear; there are no monsters on the other side of the wall. There are only lost-children-in-grown-up-bodies, seeking love, just like them. Remind them to start talking again, to stop fighting, to stop hating each other.
Maybe you could tell them the story of Gali and Tareq before they go to sleep. Remember – you are also The Magical Children of Light!"

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