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Our Vision

We imagine a world in which women unite, and create together with their children a safe, healed world where peace prevails.
We aim to inspire a powerful global movement that will make it happen.

In 2015 the seed for The Magical Children of Light initiative was planted when our co-founders Lilian Weisberger and Huda Abuarqoub met and shared their stories and dreams. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that gave birth to fruitful and inspiring activism. We believe in pragmatism and passionate action. Now is the time to tell a new story.

The Global Movement

These days we are working on setting up the infrastructure for the establishment of The Magical Children Of Light Global Movement. A movement with local Homes that will offer a safe environment for communities to explore, heal and expand, supported by a strong global online family. In the online platforms, we will update and share the global wisdom accumulated, tools, knowledge, and materials at no cost.

The Documentary Film

Based on The Magical Children Of Light book, we are producing a documentary that will shine a light on Palestinian and Israeli families who have experienced despair, loss, prejudice, and fear, and despite all choose to open their hearts and minds to healing and reconciliation.
We believe in the ability of the film to melt the walls of fear in people's hearts, generating a wave of feminine, radical, beautiful, and global activism, inspiring sisters, and brothers around the world to join The Magical Children of Light Global Movement, becoming change-makers in their communities.

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