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Who We Are

We are Palestinian and Israeli women and mothers who see it as our maternal responsibility to speak out and act for our children. We believe that Peace is possible when women of courage and faith stand up for the future of their children. Together we co-founded: האהבה היא הכוח المحبة هي القوة Love Is The Power NGO, determined to create a new reality in the region.

Huda Abuarquob

Regional director of The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP); Co-founder of The Center for Transformative Education. Huda worked as an executive director, a program director, and an NGO consultant to several organizations in the U.S, Palestine, and Israel. She led the Palestinian counterparts who participated in the Women Wage Peace groundbreaking events, as the March of Hope and the Journey to Peace.

Lilian (Lili) Weisberger

Peace activist, entrepreneur, expressive therapist, and visual artist. Lili is the author of The Magical Children of Light book and was one of the leaders in the Women Wage Peace Movement; Lili initiated and helped organized groundbreaking events, including The March of Hope, and The Journey to Peace, joined by tens of thousands.

Huda and Lili took part in organizing groundbreaking events together with Women Wage Peace, including marches with tens of thousands who joined across cities and through the desert. Huda and Lili's activism is featured in music videos by Yael Deckelbaum.

Meet Our Team

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Yaala Sohar Braver

CEO of Tzima’on, a non-profit that supports vulnerable populations in Israeli society. Yaala is a peace activist and has a rich international background in culture, communications, and youth development.

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Lama Abuarquob

English teacher in Palestinian High schools, translator for Doctors Without Borders in Hebron, passionate about peace activism and has been a speaker at the Encounter Organizations and a Palestinian partner to the Women Wage Peace.

Sheer Lev

Content creator, social media specialist and peace activist. Sheer’s online work has touched over 15 million people worldwide, spreading a message of hope, unity and acceptance for all.

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Nivine Sandouka

Peace and civil rights activist with extensive experience in the humanitarian and development field. Nivine managed several peace building programs and organizations.

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Nadia Giol

Peace activist, healer, and certified group facilitator on Non-Violent Communication, environmental education, Listening circles, meditation & self-awareness, Most often in multicultural groups.

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Rina Kedem

Environmental-peace entrepreneur. Rina works and teaches in the fields of international development, conflict, and environment. She has co-developed and directed projects with Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis for the past 18 years.

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Aseel Joron

Screenwriter, director, filmmaker and social activist in the field of women's rights, animal rights, raising awareness of the history of the Palestinian people and promoting equal living while respecting the wider social diversity.

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Galia Tyano Ronen

SCIP - self-compassion in psychotherapy certificate program director, Focusing oriented therapist, artist, and clinical psychologist. Pioneer of MSC in Israel for Arabs and Jews.

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Silvia Marjeyeh

Social worker and facilitator of multicultural groups and teams, facilitator and co-manager of "Together Beyond Words". Specializes in imparting emotional abilities and tools in situations of conflict.

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Nitsan Joy Gordon

Dance and movement in the IFS method, writer and founder of "Together Beyond Words" organization. Leader of workshops for Arab and Jewish participants, creating safe spaces to express and release personal pain associated with conflict and life in Israel.

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